Essay writing in 3 STEPS:

What is the right way to write down a nice essay.

I. Preparation:
1. Choose an subject who is right for you and it’s appropriate for the topic;
2. Define your goal whether to deny or to agree statement
3. Set a plan arrange the information depending on the degree of importance
4. Collect the necessary information that is needed to write your main points

II. Structure:

1. Essay writing Thesis write down introduction it doesn’t have to be very connected with the subject its enough to start somewhere. Make it easy.

2. Write the main point debate in your mind on the following: connection between the now- happening and the consequences of the taken decisions; compare what is now and what has been in the past; use certain examples from life, history and science. Select quotes said by popular authors as Shakespeare or John Piper or Mother Teresa.imageSelect proverbs and a saw that were caught by your mind. Make sure they are connected with the subject and clear your opinion by explaining them.

To make you point strong use rhetorical questions, or statistic data base.

3. Essay writing Conclusion:
Write down closing statement and conclude the final opinion.

III. Check your essay – If the main part is formed right; If there is a connection between the parts. If the composition is right selected for that essay. If the essay makes sense logically, meaningfully and verbally.

If everything is set right you are ready with your essay then enjoy your work of art, because you have went one more lever closer to the perfect essay writing author.